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Sometimes riding the bike is about more than just turning the cranks and this is the place for our members to write about that. If a ride turns out especially pleasant, mystical, painful or wet one of our group may write about it here. They may also become inspired in other bike-related ways and choose to share that here.

Ride on.

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The Ride of the Seven
Monday, 31 August 2009
The Ride of The Seven

Seven rode east toward the Land of Cheese, doughty men all: Lars Strongman, venturing on his first epic ride; Bruce, son of Hans, Wearer of the White T-Shirt; Joe the Powerful and Steady, ready as always for adventure; David the Ancient, in his dotage as he approaches the end of his first half-century on this mortal vale, yet strong of leg; Caleb the Younger, returned to the clan after years seeking truth with the learned in the halls of the Inquiring Gophers; Matthew Iron Legs, spinning his legs of iron with the greatest of ease; Bruce, son of Anders, dreamer, believer in the transformative power of adventure, scribe of this saga. Seven rode east, seeking adventure and glory.

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