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Saturday, 30 June 2007

The Mailing List

The Northfield Bike Club uses two e-mail lists to communicate to our members.  You can send a message to a list address and it is automatically forwarded to everyone who has subscribed.  The list is a good way to communicate to the group when you have a specific ride-related message to share.

Although the mailing list is used for any type of bike-related communication, probably the most common theme is announcing that you are planning to go on a ride and would like some company.  In this case, send a message to the list as far in advance as you can. Include the specifics of who's going, when you're going, how long you plan to be out, and where to meet.


Note that this is a closed list: You have to be a member of the list to send messages to it.  This is to reduce unwanted e-mail (spam).



The club mailing list has two addresses.  The first is the administrative or "request" address.  You use this first to subscribe and become a member of the list.  It can be used for other commands too, a few of which are listed below.

Request address: Image

The second address is used to actually send a message to the group.

Message address: Image

To Subscribe 

To subscribe, send an e-mail to the request address with the word "subscribe" in the body. The subject can be anything. You will receive a confirmation with some useful information, including how to remove yourself from the list. Additions have to be approved by the list manager, so it may take a little bit before you get the confirmation.  The approval requirement is another safeguard against unwanted e-mail.


Other Commands 

Here are some other things you can do by sending a message to the request address. Just put the command in the body of the message. The subject can be anything since it's ignored.

  • help - sends back a big helpful message
  • who - sends back a list of who is on the list
  • unsubscribe - removes you from the list
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