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Thursday, 19 March 2009
At a get-together some years ago the question of favorite road biking routes came up. Though we all ride regularly and often travel the same paths, no one was willing to commit to their favorites. I believe it was Bruce who said "That's like asking me to pick my favorite child."

True as that may be, we are often asked our advice on where to ride. After riding thousands of miles in the area, we have formed some opinions on this and have recorded some of them here. If you spend any time at this at all, you will soon settle on your on regular routes.

In 2005 Bill Metz put together a nice little book of suggested biking routes, art and essays. He titled the book Saturday Morning Rides. Our first advice on getting to know the roads in the Northfield area is to have a look at this book. Use the link at the left to learn how you can get your own copy.

In addition to the Saturday Morning Rides book, we've listed a few more here.



Note that, due to some small inaccuracies in Google Maps, a few of the routes may be just a little different than what is shown. Pay attention and use your best judgment and you'll be fine. All of these routes are on paved roads.
  • Route 1: The Wall/Woodley Loop.
    • Length: 10 miles
    • Difficulty: Some say it's hilly.
    • Notes: It's a good, quick ride when you don't have much time. Many of us got started on this route.
    • Map: Click here for a detailed map.
  • Route 2: The Wall/Kane/81 Loop.
    • Length: 16 miles.
    • Difficulty: It's an extension of Route 1 and is no more difficult: Most of the extra length is pretty flat.
    • Notes: The stretch on county road 9 was paved in 2007, has wide shoulders and is a joy to ride.
    • Map: Click here for a detailed map.
  • Route 3: The Cannon City/Acorn Trail Loop.
    • Length: 26 miles.
    • Difficulty: There are a few hills that are challenging.
    • Notes: The hill on county road 22 in the early part of the ride is deceptive. Just when you think it's over, it keeps going.
    • Map: Click here for a detailed map.
  • Route 4: The Cannon City/Nerstrand Loop.
    • Length: 31 miles.
    • Difficulty: There are a few hills that are challenging.
    • Notes: This route goes right by Nerstrand Big Woods State Park. You could stop in there for a picnic. You can also go a little bit east to Nerstrand and visit the Nerstrand meat market or west a bit and visit Big Woods State Park. See map 4A for the park route.
    • Map: Click here (4) or here (4A) for a detailed map.
  • Route 5: The Cannon City/Nerstrand Loop - Valley Grove Variation.
    • Length: 28 miles.
    • Difficulty: Some find the hills on Valley Grove Road to be difficult.
    • Notes: This is much like Route 4 but includes Valley Grove Road. Valley Grove Road is a great ride and finishing on 246 is no longer a problem since the road was repaved a couple of years ago.
    • Map: Click here for a detailed map.
  • Route 6: A Cannon Falls Loop
    • Length: 38 miles.
    • Difficulty: Not many hills.
    • Notes: Ride this route counter clockwise. Turn left off CR 9 onto CR 24 just after Hwy 56. This is a beautiful piece of road.
    • Map: Click here for a detailed map.
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